What can I say about myself…  That’s a loaded question.  Below is a candid bio, a way for you to get to know the real me.  If you’d like more info, including a full biography, click here.

Getting to Know Rob
Rob IMG_9320bwMeyer-Kukan is a dedicated perfectionist, although he prefers the title, “control specialist”. Rob loves to help others and he thrives on teamwork. Hard work doesn’t scare him. Combining this natural (bullheaded?) perseverance with dedication and passion has brought him success in his work. While he has had numerous amazing opportunities to perform and compete locally, nationally and internationally, he adamantly declares that one of his proudest musical moments is playing the siren whistle at the Bay View Week of Handbells. Rob loves spending quality time with his collection of Big Bang Theory DVDs, and he works in the garden every chance he gets. He constantly challenges his choirs, students, and clients to be their best, while reminding them that they are human (a lesson frequently self-directed). One of Rob’s favorite motivators to find this balance is this quote: “I never make a mistake in a performance! That is… unless I forget it is a performance. Then all bets are off.”

Rob is an ordained minister through the Universal Life Church.  He believes that being an ordained minister is a personal calling, by God, that deepens his work as a teacher, musician and aromatherapist.  As an ordained minister Rob presides over religious ceremonies including weddings, baptisms and other blessings.